Pronouns: She/They  Producer

Xiaoyi is a slaveheart and bootblack, who was introduced to this lifestyle in 2010 at a Halloween party. She/they are poly-play and omni-sensual. She is Honored to be owned by Master Dennis and is the Southwest Bootblack 2016. They flag orange and Leather Worship and loves instigating shenanigans.

Xiaoyi’s mission is to help create understanding and acceptance among people, for each to learn, grow, and be as they are. She works to do this through education and demystification. They are a speaker, coach, and educator who openly shares their journey in hopes that she might help others who face similar challenges.

Her favorite color is rainbow and her favorite flower is tulips. They live with a chronic illness and strive to thrive every day anyway. When asked if the curtains match the drapes, she will gladly tell you ‘“I installed hardwood.”

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