Wild Carma and Carma’s Bitch

Wild Carma burst onto the scene in 2018 with a brutal public beatdown. Though relatively new to the public community, her personal exploration into the world of kink and taboo extends to her early childhood. Her interest in fetish and taboo has led her to explore a rich diversity of kinky activities; chief among her fetishes is Pain. A heavy masochist, Carma believes suffering to be a sacred connection with the world’s energy and has eagerly undergone a great many torments in her journey to master pain manipulation. * Ever thirsty for knowledge and experience, Carma prefers to learn by doing. On more than one occasion This intimate and oftentimes dangerous practice has landed her in situations far beyond her control. She has learned hard lessons about safety and values every opportunity to share her experience with others. ** Carma’s Bitch, From her humble beginnings in a small rural town to the big city arenas of Denver and San Antonio, Carma’s bitch has been in the public scene for over a decade. During her early explorations, she discovered a love for bondage, masochism, and a growing desire to serve. Realizing she was transgender, Carma’s bitch made the immeasurable sacrifice of leaving her family and her home to begin living her authentic life. Soon finding the woman who would become her owner, Carma’s bitch developed the courage and discipline of a woman born to serve. Through discussion groups, demo bottoming at conventions, and headlining at local play parties, Carma’s bitch is ever adding to her collection of kink.

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