Team Soup

We are Team Soup! Perverts who really like to do dirty soupy things. We are dedicated to having fun and laughter within our lives. We are committed to a leather lifestyle, M/s and heavy play. * We offer a variety of workshops on topics that are based on core elements within our own lives. * Polar is a sadist with a creative sense of humor and a passion for finding new ways to do mean things with a smile. His play and workshops lean towards the edgier styles of play; knives, hatchets, rough body play and bare-handed impact, whips and blood play to name a few. * Polar is the Master, Owner, Daddy and partner of nephesh. She is his collared property and together, they are Team Soup. *nephesh is The Tentacle, a Wonder Woman and His bratty pitbull. nephesh is a heavy masochist and smart-ass who thrives on pain, blood and fleeting amounts of consent. * nephesh is the devoted property of Polar and together, they are Team Soup.

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