Sarah Humble

Sarah Humble (she/her/hers) attended her first leather event in 1988 (Mid Atlantic Leather). Since then… * She was Ms. Baltimore Eagle in 1994 and 3 weeks later the first American Leather Woman. She’s a co-founder of FIST (a women’s back patch club), one of the first female associates of COMMAND, MC, and was co-owner of the first public play space in the Mid Atlantic area. * She’s judged 175+ local, state, and international contests including IMsL (Head Judge for 6 years), IML, International Mr. Drummer, International Master/Slave, and Mr. and Ms. Colorado Leather. * Sarah is a co-founder of the Women’s Leather History Project (2009) and was on the Board of the Leather Archives & Museum from 2011-2016. In her quest to preserve women’s leather history she has conducted over 85 interviews for the Women’s Leather History Project and her “Inside the Leather Jacket” interview series at IMsL and WILL. * Sarah has received numerous awards through the years. One that is very special and close to her heart is the 2019 CLF Leather Legacy Award. * To pay her mortgage she is a Recovery Coach and trainer. She lives in Denver with her dog, Berkley, and is still in love with her Muse and the Broncos

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