Master Trent

Master Trent and slave kelly began their relationship in 2007 and became a collared M/s couple in September of 2008. They live together full time as an M/s couple in a Leather poly household.

Master Trent and slave kelly present together as well as individually. They are very active in both the local and national community through a variety of activities including regularly presenting classes. In January of 2011, they competed in the Southwest Leather Conference Master/slave contest in Phoenix, AZ. After their Contest experience, they became the owners and producers of the Colorado Master/slave contest which they started in 2012 as a state feeder to the Southwest Regional contest in Phoenix, AZ. Master Trent and slave kelly are also the founding Directors Emeritus and past producers of the Colorado Leather Fest, a 501 (c) (3) Educational Organization.

Master Trent is a pansexual leatherman who began his BDSM and Leather journey in 1983 when he became active in the Denver Area Dominants and submissives (DADs). Since that time, he has remained active in the community, including having owned a “brick and mortar” Dungeon Club that hosted a variety of leather events, BDSM events, contests and brought National Presenters into Denver. He has been presenting locally and regionally since 2000.

Master Trent is the Co-Founder of Masters And slaves Together (MAsT): Metro Denver, was a member of MAsT Denver, and is now the Director of MAsT Colorado Springs. He is a Fakir trained body and ritual piercer and pierces at a variety of hook pull and suspension events. He spent a decade as a Department Director and Head Dungeon Master with Thunder in the Mountains and has Judged the Mr. Leather Colorado contest and the Head Judge for the International Master and slave contest in 2018.

slave kelly is a pansexual leather woman who identifies as a boy and a butler. She entered the lifestyle in Florida in 1994, while she was in college. She organized the Gainsville, Florida Munches and started a TNG group. She was a 5-year member of MAsT: Jacksonville before moving to Colorado in 2008. slave kelly has been a volunteer with Thunder in the Mountains and the Denver Sanctuary. She served as the Secretary of MAsT: Denver and MAsT: Metro Denver, and is now a member of MAsT: Colorado Springs. She is a member of the Denver boys of Leather and has held the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and President. She often finds herself mentoring and counseling slaves and submissives. Slave kelly also maintains a significant role as a piercing assistant and a hook pull facilitator. She is on the Board of Directors of the Leather Colorado Foundation.

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