Master Chris and slave elisha

Master Chris and slave elisha came to the leather community through both accident and intent. They were working together on individual academic journeys that involved a lot of personal growth; Chris was researching feminist and political aspects of polyamory and non-monogamy theory and practice while Elisha was focused on spiritual growth and self-discovery through reflective academic and yoga studies. Although they had been together for years; it was finding the leather and BDSM community that gave them the inspiration and education they needed to craft a well negotiated, consensual Master and slave relationship. Ultimately, it was this arrangement that brought wholeness to their life and enabled a more powerful, more cohesive partnership. * They believe there is only one true way. That way is the one that works for you. That way may not be the same true way for any other person, couple, or group, but it will be true for you. It is up to you and yours to decide what that looks like. Master Chris and slave elisha will provide their background, their philosophy, and the steps they have taken and continue to take to be better and stronger together in the hopes that it may help others find their own path to peace and enlightenment. Master Chris believes that actualized slaves are required if we want to be actualized Masters, and that takes a plan with intent. Master Chris and slave elisha are the Arizona Master/slave 2018 titleholders and manage the Truly Beloved Foundation, a nonprofit focused on polyamory and power exchange.

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