Master Beast

Master Beast (he/him) is a Leatherman, a Sadist, a Rigger, a Pyromancer (Fire Top), a Cigar Aficionado, a Rope Maker, a Bodybuilder, a Biker, and a Kink & Lifestyle Presenter and Educator. He is the Colorado Master titleholder for 2019 and an active member of the Colorado BDSM community. Beast has been General Manager of Denver’s oldest BDSM club, the Denver Sanctuary, a frequent volunteer at various events, parties, and venues, a certified dungeon monitor and demonstrator for various kink and TNG events. He is the craftsman behind Beast Rope, making and selling handcrafted jute to riggers and kinksters all over the country. He is trained and well-practiced in many styles of play including fire play, rope bondage and suspensions, sounding, needles and piercing, electrical, impact, predicament and the art of the mind fuck. His style of play ranges from sensual to sadistic but is always fun to watch and he enjoys playing on our natural fears. As a member of a poly triad with his slave echo and partner Jeni, Master Beast is a strong believer in the power and necessity of effective communication and its application in relationship dynamics throughout the leather, poly, and kink community.

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