Jarl Hrolfr

Jarl Hrolfr has been part of the Kink & Polyamory communities since 2014. He identifies as a Jarl, Leather, Primal, Sadist and a dash of Daddy tendencies thrown in for good measure.

Since 2016 Jarl Hrolfr has facilitated the monthly in person meetup for the Colorado Springs Polyamory Community. In 2018 he started the Colorado Springs Ethical Non Monogamy Facebook Group, and recently started a new Project “More than One: An Ethical Non Monogamy Education Community”.

Jarl Hrolfr is also involved with the Colorado Springs Kink community. He is currently the Education Chair for Voodoo Leatherworks and co-ordinates (with his awesome team) the Thursday Night PEAK Education Program. He can often be found on a Saturday Night at VooDoo DM’ing, being a Manager on Duty, running a tasting station or just hanging out enjoying one of his kinks.

Although he has taught many classes for Voodoo Leatherworks before, this will be his first time teaching at a large Kink convention and is very excited to be doing so!

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