Pronouns: She/Her    Bootblack Coordinator

Foxfire has been part of the Colorado BDSM and Leather community since 2002. She was introduced to bootblacking in 2007, and it was love at first sight. She has been bootblacking in the Denver area since 2009. In May of 2012, she competed for and won the Colorado Bootblack title in its inaugural year.  Representing and defining this title has been a pleasure, a challenge, and an opportunity to learn and grow as a bootblack and as a Leatherwoman.

Fox can usually be found around the bootblack stand, up to her elbows in polish, enjoying the fun and high energy. Her favorite things about bootblacking are learning and sharing with other bootblacks, mentoring new bootblacks, and seeing clients walk away from her chair with a shine and a smile. She is also passionate about the restoration and preservation of vintage and antique leather.

Foxfire holds the Bootblacks position on the CLF Board and is responsible for activities in Bootblack Alley and the CLF Family Room.

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