Cougar (Keynote Speaker)

Cougar is an old-school Butch who fully entered the leather community over three decades ago.

Your eyes would glaze over if he listed all his community activities, but you can find his leather resume online.

Having just stepped aside from ownership of South Plains Leatherfest – International Master/slave Contest, he is concentrating on himself, slave Marsha (his lovely wife of almost 16 years), his family to include Patriarch master Jim, his Boy CJ and taking a breath before he figures out what he wants to get into next. You can be sure that classes, travel, and more time on his Harley will figure into the mix prominently.

For relaxation – he enjoys reading, music, studying nature, and a good cup of high-octane coffee.

A direct descendant of Quanah Parker, he received his Comanche name from his Great Grandfather at the age of six and it has remained the name he has most closely identified with throughout the years.

Raised Roman Catholic in the early years, Cougar found paganism while in the military and finally settled on being a solo practitioner of Animism and Totemism to provide peace and guidance in his life.

Observation of processes during his times in law enforcement, emergency medicine, massage, event production, and community situations have structured his approach for justice and healing. Having a red-headed, titanium Femme lawyer for a wife has only added several dimensions to his outlook and arsenal in dealing with life’s ups and downs.

He believes the community needs more people who understand that “doing right is more important than being right”, and after two years of isolation – we all need to be gentle with each other as we come back together and learn how to be humane again.

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