How do virtual sessions work?

Before the event begins (and during) there will be a Zoom meeting link. This link will get you into the “lobby”. From there, ask a moderator to place you into whatever class you would like to attend. Originally we thought about sending out multiple zoom links, however, while certainly easier for us, we felt that this wouldn’t be in the spirit of us all coming together. Once the classes are over, the “lobby” will become the keynote lunch, ritual area, and various other things. Then, when those have finished, we will break out again into the various social rooms. Like before, ask a moderator to put you into whatever room you desire. You can also self-assign yourself.

Here is a link to a Zoom document about it:

Can I change rooms at any time?

Yes of course! Feel free to return to the main room and then ask to be placed in a different room. You can also self-assign yourself.

Will there be ASL interpreters?

Some of our sessions will have ASL interpreters. (opening remarks and keynote). To see a full list of events that feature an ASL interpreter, click here. If anyone needs or wants interpretation for another session, please contact us at

Will there be closed captioning available?

Thanks to Zoom, we will have closed captioning for all of our classes. It should be enabled by default, however, if it is not showing up (or showing up when you don’t want it) you can click “Live Transcription” at the bottom of the zoom window, or by going into your settings on a mobile device. Either turn it on or off depending on your preference.

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