Q: I’m not from Colorado. Can I still attend?

A: YES! We are called Colorado Leather Fest because we are located in Colorado not because you have to be a Coloradoan to attend. 

Q: I’m not sure about Leather, but I do enjoy kinky things including power exchange relationships and play. Should I attend?

A: Yes! Please do attend. Even if you don’t think you are leather, even if you are anti-leather for different reasons, this event focuses on the connections that exist within communities of kinksters and we would love to have you with us

Q: What is Leather?

A: What do we mean when we say “Leather”? We get asked that question a lot. It’s not easy to answer, because Leather means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For many people, Leather conjures up images of men in a dark gay bar wearing leather vests and chaps and engaging in hot, steamy sex. And that’s a great image! But Leather can mean so much more.

Leather can be a style of dress. It can be a formal set of protocols and rules for maintaining a Dominant/submissive relationship. It can be a code by which you live. It can be hot, nasty sex or amazing S&M play. It can be a No Fucks Given response to those who criticize our lifestyles. It can be a community. A tribe. A family.

Q: Will there be any opportunities for play at Colorado LeatherFest?

A: Yes starting this year (2023) we will be having play parties

Q: what should I wear?

A: We do need to remember that when we are in public spaces, spaces others in the hotel might see us, to be respectful and maintain having butt cheeks groin and areolas covered. We do not want to lose an event space because we make the staff or other people in the hotel uncomfortable. 

When we are in our own area, behind the screen and where it is less likely anyone not part of our event will see you, please feel free to dress in ways you are comfortable and/or feel attractive. Fetish wear is welcome in the spaces. We recommend you bring a towel or sarong with you to cover up in case you need to leave the secured space. And even within our secured space, unless you are in the play space or classrooms, it is necessary to remain bar legal. In Colorado bar legal means front genitalia covered at least 1 in covering the butt crack and areolas must be covered. 

You will see people in dresses, jeans, t-shirts, leather vests, full leather outfits, puppy hoods and tails and much more.

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