Bootblack Alley

Are your boots a bit scuffed? Does your vest or chaps need a bit of sprucing up? Bring you leathers to Bootblack Alley and get shined up!

Bootblacking has a long tradition in the Leather community. You’ll have an opportunity to experience it, and to learn more about it, at Colorado Leather Fest! Here’s an article that will give you some background information.

What is a Bootblack?

Sometimes, you’ll find a bootblack lurking or a hot scene happening during off hours, but we ask that you review the schedule for regular hours. Our bootblacks are usually waiting-list only and signing up is important.

Any bootblack is welcome to join in the fun. Can’t bring your full kit on the plane? We’ll find someone to share. Sign-up to shine will be open closer to the event.

Get Your Shine On!

This year we are implementing a new way to sign up at the Bootblack Alley. This is a successful method used at a number of events.

  • Want your boots or leathers spruced up? Come to the Bootblack Alley Welcome Desk and get a numbered ticket. This ticket will give you a place in line for the entire weekend
  • When you are ready to get your boots or leathers done come to the Welcome Desk and present your ticket.
  • When a chair opens up we will call out for the lowest unused ticket number.  If your number is the lowest, show your ticket to claim your place in the chair.
  • Do not lose your ticket! If you lose your ticket, you lose your spot in line.

Etiquette in the Alley

  • Everyone is welcome in Bootblack Alley.
  • Keep it fun and keep it real! We’re happy to shine your boots, clean and condition those chaps, pants or skirts, rub down a shirt, or give your gloves some special care but a warm body must be in the boots or garments to be cared for.
  • Tipping is appropriate and suggested. The bootblacks are encouraged to donate a portion of their tips to the title holder travel funds and they often donate to charities of their choice.
  • Most people tip about $10 – $15 for a standard pair of boots, skirts, pants or jackets in reasonable condition. Add a few more bucks for multiple buckles, tall boots, long coats, corsets, repair work and outstanding service. Any kind of mud, glop, sludge or goo is often considered to be worth a little more.
  • ​Relax, enjoy and chat if you wish. Moan in ecstasy if the experience is erotic.
  • As sexy as the Lounge attendees and bootblacks are, please be sure that touching is by consent. Ask first!
  • Bootblacking is also a spectator sport. Please do not interrupt the bootblack and the person in the chair unless you have their okay.

Do You Want to Black?

Any bootblack is welcome to join in the fun! Can’t bring your full kit on the plane? We’ll find someone to share. Fill out the Bootblack Application, or check in at the Welcome Desk when you arrive.